What does the inspector do?
The inspector checks the work being done for compliance with the approved plans and applicable codes and ordinances. They will inspect each phase of the job and will approve it before the next part of the job begins. The job card lists the inspections that must be made on your project. As each inspection is made and approved, the job card will be signed and dated. On new construction, the inspections might follow this pattern:

1. Footing/foundation and setbacks. Made after the forms and reinforcing bars are in place and prior to concrete being poured.
2. Underground plumbing. Made when sewer drain line is in place and either filled with air or water for a pressure test.
3. Floor joists and insulation. Made before the subflooring is installed.
4. Framing. Made after all framing, including doors and windows, is complete.
5. Exterior lath. Made after paper and wire are installed and prior to scratch coat. A second inspection of the scratch coat is also required.
6. Sheetrock. Made after sheetrock is hung and nailed and prior to taping.
7. Final. Made when all areas of the project are complete.

Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical inspections are also made at various stages of completion and prior to being covered by any subsequent work.

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