Stormdrain Art Project

paint-brushesAs a community member, student, teacher, and business or homeowner owner, you can design the artwork and paint your neighborhood stormdrains. The Stormdrain Art Project is a way to bring positive messaging about stormwater and stormdrains through art. Starting planning your artwork and location with Megan, to ensure that you are safely creating at a site with no planned road or sidewalk construction.

Please contact, Megan at or (715) 394-0392 to apply for a stormdrain art project.

History of Project

This project began in 2014, with the start of six artists installing their paintings around the City of Superior. In 2018, the project added six more art installations from local artists and residents. This year, 2020, one more stormdrain art installation was added to the 12 established. We hope to continue to grow this program! 

Download a copy of the 2018 Storm Drain Art brochure. You'll find a couple of the stormdrain locations from the 2014 stormdrain art project in the brochure. Special thanks to Chelsey Miller for designing it!

**Lydia 'Nibs' Noble's artwork on 2nd Ave. and Belknap St. was unfortunately removed during road and sidewalk construction. We are so sorry, Nibs!

A few images of the 2014 Stormdrain artwork:

Artist: Colin Wiita - 5th St. and N. 23rd Ave. (East End)

Artist: Falyn McCotter


A few images of the 2018 stormdrain artwork:

Artist: Emily Asp - Iowa Ave. and N. 19th St.


Artist: Chelsey Miller - N. 12th St. and Banks Ave.

2018_Miller (1)