Smoke Testing


2023 Sewer Smoke Testing 

Location: Approximately between North 21st Street & North 28th Street, and between Butler Avenue & Tower Avenue (map of location below). 

Timeline: Smoke testing was completed Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Learn more about smoke testing by checking out this BROCHURE!

2023 Smoke Test Boundary - Reduced

Public Announcement

City workers will notify residents/businesses before they begin working in their neighborhood by placing door hanger cards on their doors. Also, check the City of Superior Facebook page for updates @

The testing does not require the City workers to enter homes or businesses, and residents do not need to be home during the testing. If you are at home during the test, please contact the crew if any smoke enters your home. If you are away during the test and discover smoke in your house upon returning, call the number below. All public safety authorities will be notified.


Questions or concerns regarding the smoke testing should be directed to the City of Superior Environmental Services Division of Public Works at (715) 394-0392 or