CrowdHydrology on Faxon Creek

What is CrowdHydrology?

CrowdHydrology was established in 2010 with the goal of using innovative methods to collect spatially distributed hydrologic data. What began in the Northeast United States has expanded across the continent. Our hope is that we will soon be able to offer global support to those seeking to aid the study of hydrologic data worldwide.

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Where can I submit water level data?

Here in Superior, WI, there is one CrowdHydrology site on Faxon Creek in Central Park (pictured below). Take a short minute to follow the three simple steps on the signposted on the bridge. Look at the ruler mounted to the cement wall in the water and read the measurement. Then, using your cell phone, text the height of the water level to the number listed on the sign. No need for techy, fancy smartphones! Any device will work.