Small Business Grant Program


Mission Statement: Provide grant-funding support for Superior’s new and existing small businesses who are investing in the community by improving, beautifying and stabilizing our storefronts and streetscapes within the city.  The City will focus on aesthetic improvements as being a priority for this program.

The City of Superior has established a Small Business Grant Program (SBGP) for qualifying local business owners and entrepreneurs within the City of Superior.  The City will provide a grant based on a sliding scale of 25-50% of the total eligible project costs.  Funding is capped at $15,000 per grant and the applicant is required to contribute a minimum of 10% equity towards the project.  Grant applications will be reviewed quarterly as outlined in the attached grant schedule.  A quarter of the program’s yearly allotted funds will be available for grant applicants at each quarterly review.  Each grant application is subject to approval from the SBGP Design Committee and final approval from the Common Council.   Previous recipients of a Small Business grant must wait three-years from the date of grant disbursement before they are eligible to apply again. All businesses and property locations associated with a previous grant recipient must also wait three years before being eligible to apply again.

Qualifying Businesses

  • Must have a commercial storefront or “brick & mortar” location
  • Non-profits directly related to money generating food service or retail organizations
  • Non-profit arts & entertainment organizations

Eligible uses include, but are not limited to:

    • Façade treatments
    • Building Improvements
    • Signage 
    • Selected Commercial Kitchen Equipment (minimum value of $1,500 or more per appliance)*
    • Furnishings (booths, tables, chairs, etc.)*
    • Other uses considered on a case-by-case basis
  • * Equipment, furnishings, décor, etc. purchases must be new to the business location. Used product purchases are acceptable as long as they are new additions to the business.

Please contact the Planning Department for an initial consultation prior to submitting an application.

Jason Serck - Planning, Economic Development & Port Director


Email the Planning Department

View and print program description and application HERE