Active Transportation Planning

What is Active Transportation?

Active Transportation is any non-motorized, human-powered mode of transportation, such as walking or bicycling.  It is how we get where we are going using our own power.  

 Why is Active Transportation important?

Active Transportation promotes a healthy lifestyle by helping people be active in their daily lives.  It also creates a transportation network that allows people to get to important destinations within the city.  

What is being done to improve Active Transportation in the City of Superior? 

The city is committed to the improvement of its Active Transportation System through the development of a comprehensive bike and pedestrian plan emphasizing safety and usability.  The Active Transportation Plan’s focus is on connecting neighborhoods and key activity centers throughout the City such as schools, parks, government facilities, commercial areas, retail districts, places of employment, and recreational areas.  Goals of the plan include improving public safety, promoting an active lifestyle, and linking destinations within the City. The Active Transportation Plan serves as the road map for future transportation network improvements.


The Active Transportation Plan forms the basis for future improvements to bike and pedestrian facilities and guides decisions as highways and streets are reconstructed.  It has been implemented as a living document to reflect progress in the plan and the effects of completed elements.  The City of Superior is committed to the plan’s utilization to create a vibrant Active Transportation System.

This project was funded by the WisDOT Transportation Alternatives Program.  The Transportation Alternatives Program allocates federal funds to transportation improvement projects that “expand travel choice, strengthen the local economy, improve the quality of life, and protect the environment."  It is because of this funding that we were able to pursue this project.

What is the vision and what are the goals for Superior’s Active Transportation Plan?


Superior is a healthy city where walking and bicycling are encouraged as attractive, safe, comfortable, and convenient options for residents and visitors at every age and life stage.


▪ Improve safety for people who walk and bike in Superior.

▪ Reduce or eliminate pedestrian- and bicycle-related crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities.

▪ Build pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly streets that manage vehicular speeds and reduce conflicts with motorists.

▪ Accommodate all users, especially more vulnerable populations such as children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

▪ Enhance street crossings along key walking and biking routes.

▪ Create a complete, comfortable, and attractive pedestrian network that is usable year-round.

▪ Fill in gaps in the sidewalk and trail network.

▪ Retrofit or expand the existing sidewalk network to include accessible pathways for people with mobility devices.

▪ Ensure that the pedestrian network is maintained for year-round access

▪ Enhance pedestrian accessibility to transit services.

▪ Create a connected, comfortable, and attractive bicycle network that is usable year-round.

▪ Create high-comfort bikeways that are usable by a diverse range of people and connect to each other and to major destinations.

▪ Maintain the bikeway network for safe year-round access.

▪ Improve connections between areas of the city currently separated by barriers such as rail corridors.

▪ Increase bicycle and pedestrian access to key destinations.

▪ Create a citywide wayfinding signage system to direct people to key destinations, trails, and comfortable on-street bike routes.

▪ Enhance multimodal connections that allow people to make trips using multiple modes of travel.

▪ Embrace bicycling and walking as ways of transportation, recreation, and healthy living in Superior.

▪ Increase the number of people who walk or bike for all trip purposes.

▪ Create a culture of safe walking and bicycling through education and enforcement programs.

▪ Ensure that City policies, ordinances, and plans support and promote active transportation

Active Transportation Plan Documents

Click on the links below to view the plan documents:

Superior Active Transportation Plan

Superior Active Transportation Plan Summary

Superior Active Transportation Plan Toolkit

The Active Transportation Plan was approved by the City Council on October 6, 2020.