Combined Sewer Overflows Public Notification

Combined Sewer Overflow Public Notification

Per EPA federal regulation 40 CFR 122.38, as a permittee authorized to discharge a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) to the Great Lakes Basin the City of Superior, ESDPW must provide public notification of CSO discharges after November 7, 2018, as described in the regulation. The City of Superior will continue to provide information on all sanitary sewer overflows and combined sewer overflows by press release to the Superior Telegram.

Combined sewer overflows are extremely infrequent, averaging 0.4 CSOs per year for the last five years. This website will be updated in the event of a CSO, as described in the City’s CSO Public Notification Plan.

Last Updated 04/03/2023

2023 CSO Public Notification

CSO Location Receiving Water Potentially Impacted Public Access Areas Date/Time CSO Start Date/Time CSO Ended Discharge Volume (Estimate)