City Councilors

Ledin, N.Nicholas Ledin, 1st District

Councilor Ledin is a  lifelong Superior resident, residing in 1st District for over 30 years.  Nick’s parents and grandparents also live in 1st District, so he is honored and humbled to serve the district that has shaped his life.  A political science major from UWS, Councilor Ledin has passion for government and service to his community.  Married to his wife Jackie for over 10 years with children Oliver 10, Wesley 7, Maggie 6, and Jack 4.  In his spare time, Nick enjoys working in his garden and golfing at Nemadji Golf Course. Councilor Ledin currently serves on the Deer Committee, Metropolitan Interstate Committee, Parks & Recreation Commission, and the Superior Public Museums Board.

Van SickleJennifer Van Sickle, 2nd District

Councilor Van Sickle is Tlingit/Athabascan Sheet’ka Kwaan kiks.ádi, yéil. She enjoys her work with The Lions Club, St. Mary’s Auxiliary, and volunteering as a Team Leader with Superior Days—as well as UWS’ SW Advisory Council. This spring, Jenny was able to run a polling site as a Chief Election Inspector, and is active in voter outreach efforts. She is delighted to be recognized by the WI Leadership Summit, with 37 of her colleagues, as one of the most influential Natives in the state. Most recently, Councilor Van Sickle completed a four part D.E.A. program on the science of opioid addiction and prevention. Councilor Van Sickle currently serves on the Human Resources Committee, Public Works Committee (Chair), Metropolitan Interstate Committee, Mayor's Commission on Communities of Color, Superior's Redevelopment Authority and the Wisconsin Point Committee (Vice Chair).


Warren Bender, 3rd District

Lifelong Superior resident, Warren Bender taught Spanish for 36 years in Duluth – he speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Serbian. Councilor Bender has been a Council member since 2008. He currently serves on Metropolitan Interstate Council, Development Association, Public Safety Committee, CDBG Advisory Board, Library Board, and the Douglas County Historical Society. Warren is also a member of Elks Club and Eagles Club, and is a former Rotary member. Councilor Bender has been married for 47 years, has three children, and six grandkids.

SweeneyJack Sweeney, 4th District

Councilor Jack Sweeney first joined the City Council in 2013 after serving five years on the Douglas County Board. Born and raised in Superior's East End, his background prior to government service is in accounting and business administration. Councilor Sweeney currently serves on the City-County Committee, Finance Committee, Golf Course Committee, Human Resource Committee, License & Fees Committee, and Planning Commission.

FennesseyBrent Fennessey, 5th District

Brent has had the pleasure of serving the 5th district as their City Councilor since 2016, serving as both the Council President and Council Vice President.  A lifelong resident of Superior, he and his wife, Ashley, are raising their 3 daughters in the Central Park neighborhood.  His desire to see his daughters also choose Superior in their adult life drives him to make policy decisions today, that affect the future generations in a positive way. In his free time, Brent enjoys boating on Lake Superior with his family, fishing and just about anything outdoors. Councilor Fennessey currently serves on the Human Resources Committee, Superior Tourism Development Fund Committee, Douglas County Historical Society Board, Plan Commission and the Police & Fire Commission.

ElmTylor Elm, 6th District

Councilor Elm has served the citizens of Superior for over 3 years, and is currently the Vice President of Council. Born and raised in the area, Tylor has always been heavily involved in the community by helping others all while growing his computer business, discoverpc.NET. He serves in a variety of organizations such as the Superior Rotary Club, the Development Association, and the Superior Spooktacular. Councilor Elm currently co-chairs the City’s Finance Committee, and helped originate – and currently chair – the City’s Communication and Information Technology Committee. He believes in responsive government and that we should always be looking for ways to improve. Councilor Elm also serves on the Public Safety Committee, and the Plan Commission.

LudwigRuth Ludwig, 7th District

A thirty-year resident of Superior, Council President Ludwig is currently serving in her third term on the Council. A retired teacher, mother of three and grandmother of six, Ruth originally ran for City Council to foster diversity, change, and bettering the everyday lives of Superior residents. Ruth continues to advocate for improvements to our parks, urban forest, and landscape, as well as improving pedestrian mobility and safety, especially during the winter months. Ruth currently spends much of her leisure time continuing to build and improve the Oakes Avenue Community Garden. Councilor Ludwig currently serves on the Finance Committee, Human Resources Committee, Public Works Committee, Wisconsin Point Committee, and the Urban Forestry Tree Board. 


Craig Sutherland, 8th District

Craig is currently in his second term and represents the 8th district. He’s been a 30-year resident of Billings Park and has a passion for his hometown. He is a huge advocate for small businesses and constituents he represents. He was instrumental in bringing back neighborhood events to the city. Craig believes that we need to try new things and attract people and businesses to our city! Councilor Sutherland currently serves on the License & Fees Committee, public Safety Committee, Public Works Committee, and the Mayor's Commission on Disabilities.

KernKeith Kern, 9th District

Keith is in his fifth year on the council, having been President and Vice President in previous terms. Keith was born and raised in Superior. He is the owner of Jimmy's Saloon in Billings Park. He was a driving force in revitalizing Billings Park Days and has tried to use his time on the council to similarly reinvigorate businesses, parks, neighborhoods, industry, and civic pride in Superior. Keith has raced dirt track for 20 years. He is also currently building a house in Billings Park. All of that comes second, however, to his wife Emily (married in October 2019) and their new dog Daysha. Councilor Kern currently serves on the Finance Committee, License & Fees Committee, Golf Course Committee, Superior Tourism Development Fund Committee, and the Parks & Recreation Committee.

DalbecEsther Dalbec, 10th District

Esther has been a Councilor for 15 years. She was born and raised in the North End. Councilor Dalbec has been part of the expansion and growth of Connor’s Point, a new recycling program that doubled the amount of recycling to preserve space in the landfill, and played an active role in the four-way stop on 12th and Hammond. Esther believes “we have done an excellent job keeping government costs down, and tax increases small, while the state has taken money from us every year. It has been an honor for me to represent the constituents of the North End.” Councilor Dalbec currently serves on the License & Fees Committee, Public Safety Committee, Public Works Committee, and the Plan Commission.