Neighborhood Beautification 

Program Requirements

Requirements will include but are not limited to:

Exterior Maintenance - Superior Code of Ordinances Section 104-271. The exterior of a structure shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound, and sanitary. It also shall be free of chipped and peeling paint and be weather resistant/weather tight in accordance with Section 104-272, Protective treatment.

Accessory Structures Including Detached Garages, Fences, Walls, and Swimming Pools – Superior Code of Ordinances Section 104-257. Shall be maintained structurally sound and in good repair in accordance with Section 104-257.

Inoperable Vehicles to Include Campers, Trailers, Boats, and RVs – Superior Code of Ordinances Section 112-202. May be kept parked outside on your property so long as they are legally operable with valid license plates/registration, otherwise they shall be kept inside a garage. Superior Code of Ordinances section 112-202.

Debris - Superior Code of Ordinances Chapter 58 Garbage & Trash & 104-323 . Garbage, trash, and debris shall be kept in enclosed covered containers until pickup. Salvage appliances, scrap metal, and car parts must be kept inside a shed or garage.

Grass/Weeds – Superior Code of Ordinances Section 104-260 .Noxious weeds/grass may not exceed 12 inches in height on your property, adjacent public sidewalk, public street area, or public private parkway.

To view any city ordinances, please access the Municode and utilize the search bar or contact the department for assistance.