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City of Superior Environmental Services


Superior Recycles - for a cleaner environment (About 35 min)

Streams of Superior (about 18 minutes) 

The St. Louis River - Area of Concern (about 15 min)

Getting Involved in Protecting Lake Superior (about 7 min)
Environmental Matters Webinars were held twice a month in 2013.
Thank you for attending!

Smart Salting for Homeowners (about 35 minutes)

A Superior Solution to Unwanted Medications (about 17 minutes)

MS4 Stormwater Permit: What is it and Why Do We Have It? (13 minutes)

Stormwater Flood Control Program (about 20 minutes)

Native Plants to the Rescue - Rain Gardens (about 26 minutes)

Let It Rain - Rain Barrels 101 (about 26 minutes)

Make Great Soil - Compost Food Scraps (about 30 minutes)

Where Do I Take It? E-Waste and Hazardous Waste (about 18 minutes)

Household Hints on Saving Water (24 minutes)

Lake Superior Day and the Binational Forum (35 minutes)

Only Rain Down a Drain - Preventing and spotting illicit discharge (28 minutes)

Ways to Slow Water Down with Kristy Tureson (56 minutes - some delay at beginning, restarts at about 4 minutes into program)

Importance of Wetlands in Superior - Darienne McNamara, Environmental Regulatory Coordinator, City of Superior (about 20 minutes)

Organic Yard Care
(32 minutes)

Climate Change with Hilarie Sorensen (36 minutes)

Mercury and You (Getting Rid of It) (about 30 minutes)

Wastewater Treatment Process (about 24 minutes)

Superior Stormwater Education (about 28 minutes)