Choosing Native Plants

In the winter, native plant fanatic Kari Hedin visited the school to teach the students about the plants that live in northern Wisconsin. Students used this knowledge as they designed virtual gardens using garden software. It’s fun and easy: take an existing picture of the site, plop native plants on it, and voila! A virtual garden! Kari used these gardens as templates as she planned where plants should go based on color, size, bloom time, and moisture requirements. See a complete plant list for each garden.
Virtual Garden example larger virtual garden example

Caring for Seedlings

It’s getting crowded in here! In March, students thinned the seedlings growing in flats by transplanting them into small pots filled with peat and vermiculite. Every morning they would rush to the grow lab to see how the plants were growing.
Students thin seedlings from flats Student holds newly potted seedling