Choosing a Location

The school’s downspouts do not feed from the roof to school grounds – instead, they are piped underground. So our dreams of getting runoff from the school’s roof and funneling it into rain gardens were dashed. We chose the next best option: collect rainwater where it pools naturally. And luckily for us, we got a 25-year rain event just in time to see where water pools on the school grounds. The pictures above show the level of flooding that will occur, on average, every 25 years.
Flooded area at school Large flooded area at school

Rather than plant one big rain garden, we chose 5 locations where rainwater pools so we could have one garden for each of the 5 classes participating in the project. A total of 125 sixth-grade students helped create rain gardens at their school. Below is a map of the 5 rain garden locations.
map of garden locations