More Investigation Division Teams

Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force

At the beginning of 2005 our department partnered with the Duluth Police Department, Hermantown Police Department and St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department in assigning one investigator to the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force. This partnership is unique in that our department receives funding from the state of Minnesota to assist in maintaining our position on this task force that targets drug traffickers, gang elements, and firearms related criminals within the Twin Ports community.

Given the unique nature of our Twin Ports community, the criminal element that functions in Duluth is frequently the same criminal element that functions within Superior. This task force has had great success since it’s formation in taking violent and dangerous criminals off the streets of Superior and the Twin Ports in general. It has also functioned in furthering the level of cooperation between all of the law enforcement agencies that partner in the task force.

Police School Liaison Officers

Three Police School Liaison officers work during the school year in the Superior School District schools located within the city. Our Department has a long history of a great working partnership with the School District of Superior, where the School District provides funding to have full time police school liaison officers in the schools throughout the school year. One officer works full time in the high school, one in the middle school, and one officer splits their time between all of the elementary schools in the district. The presence of a law enforcement officer within the schools has provided for a safer learning environment at the schools, and has provided many bonds with the students by their having had many positive contacts with a law enforcement officer.

Field Evidence Technicians

Our department currently has six field evidence technicians that are trained in advanced techniques of evidence detection and collection. These six officers perform their role as an evidence technician in addition to their regular duties. The evidence technicians are called to major crime scenes, such as large-scale burglaries, death investigations, sex crimes, homicides and other felony offenses, to process them for and recover evidence. An evidence technician serves in an on-call status 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that our evidence collection experts are ready and able to respond at a moments notice to a crime scene.