Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management (SM) Permits

The Long-Term Stormwater Management requirement of the City of Superior's WI DNR Stormwater permit seeks to reduce the amount of post construction stormwater and associated pollutants reaching our waterways. This requirement regulates post construction discharges off construction sites of one acre or more of disturbed land. Additionally, the city requires construction sites with less than one acre of land disturbing activity that will result in the addition of 20,000 square feet or more of impervious area, to have a permit. If the site does not meet either of these requirements it will require a small site land disturbing activity (LDA) permit. There are two varieties of LDA permits; one for residential construction and the other for commercial.

In accordance with fulfilling the Post Construction Stormwater Management requirement of the WI DNR Stormwater permit, the City of Superior adopted a Post Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance in December 2008, to establish long-term, post construction runoff management requirements that will diminish the threats to public health, safety, welfare, and the aquatic environment.

Stormwater application materials my be subject to DSPS review.

Take a virtual tour of the Poplar Wetland Basin with Andrea Crouse, the former Water Resources Program Coordinator!

City of Superior's Stormwater Infrastructure

The City of Superior uses funds from the Stormwater Utility Fee to maintain existing stormwater infrastructure while planning for and implementing future improvements. The photos shown below are examples of a few stormwater infrastructures funded by the Stormwater utility, and grant funds.

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EC & SW Ordinance accepted March 2016

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Stormwater Management Permitting Program document
Note: The City has moved to an online permitting platform and is no longer accepting paper applications.

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Permitting Process

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