Construction Site Pollutant Control

Stormwater Runoff from Construction Activities 

Stormwater runoff from construction activities can have a significant impact on water quality. In addition to sediment, as stormwater flows over a construction site, it can pick up other pollutants like debris, pesticides, petroleum products, chemicals, solvents, asphalts, and acids which also contribute to water quality problems (EPA 2004).

Construction Site Pollutant Erosion Control

Erosion control measures are designed to prevent environmental damage caused by pollution, soil erosion, and sedimentation from land development. Construction site erosion emphasizes the most appropriate set of practices for a specific site, as well as correctly installing and maintaining the selected practices to ensure their effectiveness.

In accordance with fulfilling the Construction Site Pollutant Control requirement of the WI DNR Stormwater permit, the City of Superior adopted a Site Erosion Control Ordinance in February 2009, to require erosion control best management practices that reduce the amount of sediment and other pollutants leaving construction sites during land development or land disturbing activities. The city requires any land disturbing activity, regardless of size, that has the potential to result in excessive runoff to have a permit.

Erosion Control for Home Building- Document from the WI Extension

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Erosion Control Mat
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Conditions of the Ordinance

  • Apply for an Erosion Control/Grading Permit before undertaking a land disturbing construction activity.
  • Submit a permit application, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan and the required fee to the Public Works Department.
  • Install all Best Management Practices (BMPs) as identified in the approved Erosion & Sediment Control Plan.
  • Maintain all Best Management Practices (BMPs) necessary to meet the requirements until the site has undergone final stabilization.
  • All permits are subject to the conditions detailed in the City of Superior Building and Construction Policies and Procedures.

For more information about small site erosion control, please refer to the City of Superior Building Inspection and Permitting webpage.