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Phone numbers for your councilors are listed for your reference. If the councilor is unavailable, please be sure to include your contact information in your message, so that they can assist you.

You can also email an individual councilor by clicking on their name below, or email all the councilors simultaneously.

Aldermanic District Councilor Address Phone Number Term Ends
1st 5819 Oakes Avenue 218-428-6080 April 2022 
2nd Jenny Van Sickle 4316 E 3rd Street, #6 907-738-2891 April 2023
3rd Warren Bender 2428 Ogden Avenue 218-590-4464 April 2022
4th Jack Sweeney 1601 E 6th Street 715-398-6512 April 2023
5th Brent Fennessey 810 E 3rd Street 218-348-1779 April 2022
6th Tylor Elm 1211 Hammond Avenue 218-461-0356 April 2023
7th Ruth Ludwig 1629 Lamborn Avenue 715-394-4877 April 2022
8th Robert Pierce 2213 Maryland Avenue 715-398-7396 April 2022
9th Keith Kern 1618 Susquehanna Ave 218-391-8037 April 2022
10th Lindsey Graskey 1305 Broadway Avenue 218-428-3114 April 2023