Main Treatment Plant and CSO 2

Environmental Services and Wastewater

The Environmental Services Division of Public Works (ESDPW) is comprised of ten Sanitary Sewer Districts. ESDPW has four permitted wastewater discharge points: Main Wastewater Treatment Plant, Combined Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP) 2, CSTP 5, and CSTP 6.

Main Treatment Facility

The main plant treats 4 to 5 million gallons per day of wastewater during normal operation. Wastewater originates from homes, industry, and commercial districts. Three districts have combined sanitary and stormwater sewer systems. These are known as Combined Sewer Districts.

CSO number 6

Combined Sewer Treatment Plants (CSTP)

Combined sewers contain both stormwater runoff and sanitary sewerage. The CSTP treatment facilities are utilized during high run off events. The dilute wastewater in the CSTP is either sent to the main plant for treatment after the run off event or can be treated on site and discharged. The CSTPs have been instrumental in reducing/eliminating sewer back-ups in homes or businesses.

Lift Station 7Lift Stations

There are numerous lifts stations throughout the city. They aid the flow of the wastewater to the plant. There are three lifts stations that include overflow ponds. When used, the overflow ponds must be pumped and sent to the treatment plant as soon as possible.

Sanitary Sewer Districts