City-Maintained Fields

  • Petroske Complex (North 58th Street ballfields) - 5902 Weeks Avenue
  • Wade Bowl – 1228 Clough Avenue
  • Tim Wicklund Memorial Field – 3903 N. 18th Street
  • Itasca Memorial Ballfield (at Bear Creek Park) – 110 Moccasin Mike Road
  • Veteran's Memorial Field – 702 Catlin Avenue

To Reserve Practice Time

Please call (715) 395-7270 for scheduling practice time (available a week in advance in 1 1/2 hour increments). Many teams ask to use the fields for practice, so your cooperation in sharing field time is very much appreciated.

Other Reservations

These fields may also be reserved for games/tournaments for the following fees:
  • Games- $25 per game
  • Tournaments- $250 Paid with 2 checks–$150 and $100 ($100 returned if field left in good condition)

Superior Youth Organization (SYO)

The Superior Youth Organization (SYO) manages and schedules the following fields at the Hayes Court Complex, off Belknap Street on Elm Avenue:
  • Women's Field
  • Liebaert Field
  • Little League Fields (2)
  • Morrie Arnovich/Babe Ruth Field
Contact SYO.