2010 Elections

2010 Election Information  

The City Clerk administers all elections held in the City of Superior.  The Clerk’s office provides ballots for residents, military, overseas, homeless, nursing home, and absentee voting in accordance with federal and state mandates.   Call (715) 395-7200 if you would like more information on voting by absentee ballot or visit the State Elections website.

General Election - November 2, 2010  -  City Results

 Total Absentee Ballots Issued - 819
 Total Absentee Ballots Received - 761
 Total Military/Overseas Ballots outstanding - 21
Partisan Primary Election - September 14, 2010 
 Number of Absentee Ballots issued - 393
 Number of Absentee Ballots returned - 312
City Election results for the Partisan Primary Election - here

For Official results of all Elections, please contact the Douglas County Clerk at 
(715) 395-1341 or visit their web site: Douglas County Clerk Election Results