23rd Avenue East Sanitary and Storm Construction


Project Start Date: August 7th, 2023

Timeline: Contract to be completed in 18 working days. 

 Location: Alley northeast of E 2nd Street and south of 23rd Avenue East

Road Closures: Please be aware that alley access will be restricted during excavation and infrastructure installation. This will create inconveniences. A temporary parking site will be arranged on the north side of 23rd Avenue East.

 Mail: Mail will be temporarily held at the Post Office during construction when the alley is inaccessible. Mail delivery will return to normal as soon as the alley is safe to access. 

Garbage Collection: Garbage collection will occur at 23rd Avenue East between East 2nd Street and the alley. Changes will be communicated.

 The existing sanitary sewer in the alley is a 10-inch reinforced concrete pipe installed in the late 1930s. During routine testing in 2022, the Environmental Services Division (ESD) discovered illicit discharge in a nearby storm sewer outfall. After investigating, it was determined that some private sanitary sewer laterals were not properly connected to this separated 10-inch sanitary sewer when constructed. The City of Superior ESD will implement a plan to install approximately 300 feet of new 8-inch PVC sanitary sewer to correct the current sewer configuration and associated illicit discharge. This will include two new precast sanitary manholes and removing one existing storm sewer manhole. Private sewer service laterals connected to this sewer main will be reconnected with new fittings during construction. The alley will be reconstructed and finished with asphalt, including a larger turnaround area at the south end of the alley.




Carter Carpenter

City of Superior 

Civil Engineering Technician (City Representative)

(715) 394-0392 Ext. 1003


Kellen McCoshen

Northern Interstate Construction

Project Manager

(218) 590-3359


Erin Abramson

City of Superior

Collection System, Engineering & Operations Manager

(715) 394-0392 Ext. 1015