21st Avenue East Sanitary Sewer Branch


Project Start Date: Spring 2023

Location: Between East 2nd (HWY 2) and East 3rd Streets from 21st Avenue East to 20th Avenue East (Zion Lutheran Church parking lot).

Timeline: Construction to be completed within 20 working days.

Road Closures: Temporary closure of 21st Avenue East and portions of Zion Lutheran Church Parking lot.

Sewer branch MH040030-MH040037 was originally constructed in 1890 and is a 15-inch Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) that sizes to an 18-inch pipe and connected to what was the 21st Avenue East interceptor. It is assumed that in 1974, sewer branch MH040030-MH040037 was re-connected to a new sanitary trunk sewer installed along the North side of 21st Avenue East in conjunction with the District 4 – East End Storm Sewer project. A recent inspection of the sewer branch has revealed multiple flaws along portions of the pipe segment such as cracked & deformed pipe, reverse slope direction, and grease blockage.

The Environmental Services Division Staff have conducted in-house planning and design that will replace the defective portion of the sanitary sewer. The project includes removing 128 feet of 15 to 18-inch VCP, removing the existing brick structure, installing 128 feet of 15-inch PVC pipe, installing a 48-inch precast concrete structure, re-connecting existing sewer service, and reconstructing the bituminous alley/church parking lot.

21st Avenue East Sanitary Sewer Map 03.14.23


Brett Gunderson 

City of Superior ESD

Civil Engineering Technician (Project Representative)

Office (715) 394-0392 Ext. 1004

Cell (218) 522-0967

Erin Abramson 

City of Superior ESD

Collection System, Engineering & Operations Manager

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