Sidewalk Snow Removal


The City has implemented a new Sidewalk Snow Removal Route that will begin this winter. This route will be cleared with City equipment if there is a snowfall of more than 2 inches. This new program is part of maintaining Safe-Routes-to-Schools and neighborhood connectivity. 

  • There will be a specific priority route that is cleared. This will coincide with the Safe-Routes-to-Schools. Click here to view the route.
  • Property owners will continue to be responsible for clearing the walk in front of their property or any sidewalk that is not part of the program.
  • Property owners will be responsible to clear sidewalks for snowfalls less than 2 inches.

For more information on the City Code of Ordinances regarding sidewalk snow removal please see Sec. 106-10

Questions regarding the sidewalk snow removal can be directed to Public Works or to 715-394-0268.