Summer Road Maintenance Information

Alley Paving

Alley Blacktopping Brochure   This brochure explains the procedure to have your alley paved.

Alley Blacktopping Policy  (if your alley is scheduled to be paved, click on the "Construction Projects" tab to the left to see maps, costs, etc.)

2024 Petition to Blacktop Alley (deadline is June 30, 2023) A maximum of eight (8) alley blacktopping requests, received prior to June 30, will be accepted each year on a first-come, first-served basis.  Requests over that number will be processed for the following year.

Ditch Cleaning 

The city maintains ditches with in the city right of ways to help with proper water flow and flooding issues. This process begins as soon as the ground thaws in the spring and continues until it freezes in the fall.

Culvert Installation and Replacement

An additional responsibility of the city street division is to replace or install culverts. For damaged culverts or if an area is in need of a culvert, please call the street division.

Street Sweeping

Street sweepers work in the early morning hours from spring until fall. There purpose is to help remove items from the streets that could be potential pollutants in our waterways such as salt, sand and debris.


Sidewalk inquiries can be directed to public works at 715-395-7300 or by email.