Dye Flood Testing

Project Overview

2021 Dye Flood Testing

Location: Between East 1st Street and St. Croix Street and between 35th Avenue East and 43rd Avenue East

City workers will be conducting sewer system tests by adding a non-toxic green tracer dye to the stormwater.  Dyed water will help identify infiltration and defects with the sewer.

The test will last approximately 2-3 hours in each location.   

The green tracer dye poses no threat to human health or the environment.  As a result of testing, green water may be seen coming from storm outfalls.  All public safety authorities will be notified.

Dye Flood Testing Boundary Map


Dye flood testing has been completed on 9/22/2021.


Questions or concerns regarding the dye flood testing should be directed to the City of Superior Environmental Services Division of Public Works at (715) 394-0392 or rauscha@ci.superior.wi.us