Barker's Island Site Improvements Project Sustain Our Great Lakes

Project Overview

Construction start date: April 11, 2022

Projected end date: September 2022

Location: Barker's Island, Superior, WI

This project is a big undertaking for the City! Please be patient and keep in mind that the project outcomes will include connecting trails, more trees, green infrastructure, and better accessibility to the water.  Frequent updates will be posted to the City of Superior's Facebook pages as we traverse the different phases of construction.

Grant funding is provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Sustain Our Great Lakes (SOGL).

The City of Superior has been awarded the SOGL grant to assist with the upcoming parking lot reconstruction project near Barker’s Island Inn. This grant will benefit the City with significant financial support. The grant dollars support incorporating stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to help keep Lake Superior water clean.

Stormwater is rain and snowmelt that runs off yards, sidewalks, parking lots, and roads. It picks up litter, oil, and other pollutants and carries them to local waterways, such as the Superior Bay (also known as the St. Louis River Estuary). A stormwater BMP is described by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an implemented design to control flooding, reduce erosion, and improve water quality. Projects to install stormwater BMP’s have proven effective at reducing Total Suspended Solids and excess nutrients going into surface waters. 

The objective of the proposed project is to install green infrastructure elements onsite and stabilize shorelines. This project will improve the quality of water discharged from the City-owned parking areas, a small craft launch, and recreational areas on Barker's Island.


Additional project benefits:

o    The project expects to capture up to two (2) million gallons of stormwater per year.

o    Stabilize erosive soils and mitigate erosion issues. 

o    Reduce pollutant loading by intercepting and infiltrating contaminated stormwater.

o    Increase pervious (porous) surfaces. 

o    Enhance the urban canopy.

o    Increase wildlife and pollinator habitat. 

o    Reduce heat island effect due to green spaces within the parking area.

This project will directly complement several other projects on Barker’s Island, including the recently completed Wetland & Beach Restoration, the current Marina Engineered Wetland Project, Marina Retrofitted Wet Pond, the wetland located near the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve, and the upcoming Boat Landing Parking Lot improvement projects. All sites on Barker’s Island incorporate green infrastructure practices and stormwater BMPs.

Information about the project is also posted at Barker's Island Inn and the Superior Public Library.


Dave Pollock

City of Superior 

Environmental Services Division of Public Works 

Collection Systems Engineering Coordinator

Wren Works LLC. - Project Contractor

(218) 590-1347