ORB365: a community art collaborative

hogfeldt-orb-displayAs Wisconsin residents, we use an average of 75 gallons of water each day. That's a lot of water!

How can we help conserve our daily water use and not waste it? Pledge today to use less water daily!

Superior residents, businesses, classrooms, and organizations are encouraged to join the ORB365 community art collaborative! Participants can pledge to use less water or prevent water pollution. To symbolize their pledge, they are invited to create ice orbs for the ORB365 display as part of the 2021 Lake Superior Ice Festival. 

The community goal is to make 365 ice orbs, whereas each ice orb represents a day of the year that clean water is important to us. As a community, we are pledging to protect our water!

The ice orbs will be arranged in the shape of Lake Superior.  This exhibit can be seen at Barker’s Island for the Ice Festival from Friday, January 29th through Saturday, January 30th

Pledge examples:  I pledge to shut off the faucet while I brush my teeth. OR, I pledge to recycle.

Pictured is Megan, the ESD volunteer coordinator, arranging the beautiful ice orbs into Lake Superior's shape.


Printable instructions: how to make ice orbs

Step 1: Pledge to protect our waterways 

  • Save the trees! Fill-out and submit the pledge form online: Pledge Form
  • Fill-out form, email, or print-off and mail-in form: Pledge Form

Email to Megan at hogfeldtm@ci.superior.wi.us

Mail or deliver to:

Attn: Megan Högfeldt

Wastewater Treatment Plant

51 E 1st St. Superior, WI 54880 

­Step 2: Pick-up or Receive balloons -  

Step 3: Make ice orbs

  1. Fill balloons with water: add food coloring to the balloon before adding water!
    • Wrap the balloon's open end around the tap and support the balloon's bottom as it fills with water.
    • Balloons should be approximately 6-8” in diameter when full.
  1. Tie a knot in the balloon.
  1. Place water balloons in a single layer on a tray, bin, tarp, or plate outside until frozen solid.   
    • Ice orbs take about 2-4 days to freeze - if temps are above 32°F, orbs will not freeze. 
    • Insulating orbs with snow or other balloons may extend freezing time. Rotating the balloons after 1-2 days may speed freezing.

Step 4: Deliver frozen orbs to Barker’s Island on Thursday, Jan. 29th. Or request a pick-up! 

Step 5: Join in the festival fun at the Lake Superior Ice Festival and see the ORB365 display!