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Rain Barrels

Rain barrels and compost bins are sold most years in the spring through the City of Superior and UWS.  WLSSD also usually holds a truckload sale in May.   
Contact us to see if any rain barrels or compost bins are available.  715/394-0392

Reduce and slow down stormwater runoff with a rain barrel. 
The 'harvested' water works great for lawn and garden watering!

A composter works well for turning vegetable scraps into rich, organic soil that will help your garden grow.

Prices (2014):
Rain Barrel - 55 gallon for  $55
Rain Barrel.jpg
EarthMachine 80 gallon Compost Bin: $45

                   all prices include tax
Compost Bin.jpg

Product Specifications:
Compost Bin