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Authorization Form City of Superior Garbage and Collection Services

  1. Authorization Form City of Superior Garbage and Collection Services

  2. Agree to Continue or Set Up Garbage Service

  3. Please fill in the appropriate box below (you must fill in Either the Large Residential or Small Commercial Number of Carts Currently on Site and the Number of Carts Needed;

  4. Large Residential:

  5. Your bill will be the number of dwelling units in the building x $7.75.

  6. Small Commercial:

  7. Your bill will be the number of carts x $7.75.

  8. Please use this field for information on cart placement or special instructions.

  9. Please note: Owners of large residential and small commercial properties are required to provide separate containers for the collection of recyclable materials at their own cost in a legal and safe manner. Failure to comply with the City Ordinance can result in a penalty not to exceed $1000 per violation.

  10. If this form is not signed and returned to the City of Superior by December 28, 2015, the City will assume you have made arrangements for garbage collection service from the City and we do not receive your signed form by December 28, your City garbage receptacles will be removed after your last scheduled pickup day in December, 2015.

  11. Please fill in your City of Superior Utility Billing Acct # if known.

  12. Acknowledgement:*

    The information within this authorization form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I agree to provide updated information should there be any change in the information provided herein.

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