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Citizen Stream Monitoring Volunteer Registration

  1. Once you register, we'll discuss a stream monitoring location on Faxon Creek for you.
  2. Be safe, not sorry!
    1. Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.
  3. 2. If possible, take a friend with you in the field.
  4. 3. Use EXTREME caution when wading or entering the stream—deep holes are common in fast-moving streams and rivers; rocks can also be very slippery.
  5. 4. If a streambank is too steep, find another route to get to your site. Take it slow.
  6. 5. Consider wearing a Personal Flotation Device (life preserver) at sites with deeper water.
  7. 6. Know what poison ivy and wild parsnip look like – they are poisonous.
  8. 7. Wear goggles or rubber gloves when recommended on fact sheets. Wash your hands after you return from the field; do not touch your face until you do!
  9. 8. For more resources on how to monitor stream check out:
  10. Pre-Monitoring Survey
    One of our goals of this program is to help us understand what you (volunteers) know about our watersheds and water quality. Please take the survey to help us know more about you! This data is used internally to assess how well the program meets educational objectives and reaches a broad audience. The information submitted is kept anonymous. Thank you for helping us measure successes and find areas for improvement!
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