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Garbage Cart Delivery/Removal/Repair Request Form

  1. Do you own this property?*

    If you are not the property owner, please provide the owner's contact information below. Requests for deliveries and removals cannot be completed without the owner's approval.

  2. Please indicate the nature of your problem by checking the appropriate box(es) below:

    If you are requesting to have a cart removed please make sure the cart is empty for removal.

  3. How many extra garbage carts do we need to remove? Please note: You will be billed for a minimum of one garbage cart per residential unit.

  4. How many extra garbage carts do we need to deliver? Please note: You will be billed $5.00 per month for each additional residential garbage cart and $7.75 for an additional commercial trash cart.

  5. How many garbage carts need to be repairs?

  6. Where are carts located to be removed or repaired?

  7. Thank you!

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