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Adopt-a-Storm Drain Volunteer Registration

  1. Please answer the following questions:
  2. Storm Drain Maintenance Guidelines:

    1.Wear provided volunteer t-shirt or bright colors.

  3. 2.We recommend for you to clean storm drains weekly, and before and after storm events.

  4. 3. Clean during daylight and do not clean storm drain(s) when cars are present.

  5. 4. Clean gutter 5 feet on either side of storm drain.

  6. 5. Clean from the curbside for safety. Sweep debris from the curb towards the road.

  7. 6. Using a shovel, remove overgrown vegetation within 1-2 feet of storm drain.

  8. 7. Collect and put trash in garbage or plastic in recycling. If you collect leaves and grass, add them to your compost.

  9. 8. Hazardous materials (i.e. syringes) can be placed in hazardous material containers provided. Consider using tweezers or pliers to avoid accidental needle sticks. For removal, you can also call the Superior Fire Department at (715) 394-0227. After hours, contact 911.

  10. 9. To remove dead animals, call Public Works at (715) 395-7334. After hours, contact 911.

  11. By signing, I agree to regularly remove the debris from my adopted storm drain(s) in accordance with maintenance guidelines, liability terms, safety tips, and terms listed above.
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