Smoke Testing

Project Overview

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Project Completed

Sewer system smoke testing is located between Ogden Ave. & Cumming Ave., and between North 28th St. & North 37th St.

Project Completed

Location: Between Ogden Ave. & Cumming Ave., and between North 28th St. & North 37th St. 

City workers will blow a low pressure non-toxic, harmless smoke through the sewer system to find defects, which may need repair.  The location and repair of such defects are essential to the economical and safe functioning of Superior’s sewer system.  

The test will last approximately one hour in each location.   

Smoke used does not create a fire hazard or present a health hazard; it is white in color and has a very mild sulfur odor.  During the smoke test process, City workers will look for smoke coming from sewer structures, roof vents, and other potential defects.  Smoke should not enter your home/building unless there is defective plumbing or a malfunctioning “P” trap.  

Residents/businesses in the area being tested should fill seldom used drains with water to restore the “P” trap and prevent smoke from entering the home or business.

Smoke Testing Boundary (reduced)


Depending on weather conditions, the test will run for 3-days, Tuesday, August 11th - Thursday, August 13th.

Project Completed

Public Announcement

City workers will notify residents/businesses before they begin working in their neighborhood by placing door hanger cards on their doors.   Also check the Environmental Services Division Facebook page: for updates. 

The testing does not require the City workers to enter homes or businesses, and residents do not need to be home during the testing. If you are at home during the test, please contact the crew if any smoke enters your home. If you are away during the test and discover smoke in your house upon returning, call the number below. All public safety authorities will be notified.

Check out the educational brochure on smoke testing right here!


Questions or concerns regarding the smoke testing should be directed to the City of Superior Environmental Services Division of Public Works at (715) 394-0392 or