Alley Paving Projects

2021 Alley Paving

If your alley is scheduled to be paved in 2021, the petitions, maps and the costs to homeowners can be found by clicking on the alley below.  If you would like information about our alley paving program, please click on the "Street Division" tab on the left and you can read the policy and get a copy of the petition.  

A maximum of eight (8) alley blacktopping requests, received prior to June 30, will be accepted each year on a first-come, first-served basis.  Requests over that number will be processed for the following year. More information on the alley paving petition process can be found on the Street Divi​sion homepage

2. East 6th Street to East 7th Street between 18th & 19th Avenues East 

3. North 16th Street to North 17th Street between Hughitt Avenue and Hammond Avenue

4. North 22nd Street to Faxon Street between Catlin Avenue and Cypress Avenue

5. East 4th Street to East 5th Street between 13th Avenue East and 14th Avenue East

6. 22nd Avenue East heading southeast to Dead End, between East 14th Street & East 14th Street