North 64th St. Stormwater Project 2019

Project Overview

Satellite photo of project area on North 64th StreetLocation: Alley west of Tower Avenue, from North 64th Street to North 63rd Street.

The sanitary sewer within this alley is an 8-inch vitrified clay pipe which has multiple storm inlets connected to it. This 8-inch sanitary pipe becomes overwhelmed by storm water inflow and residents on this block have reported reoccurring sanitary sewer basement backups during wet weather events. The Environmental Services Division is implenting a plan to relieve the sanitary sewer of this added inflow by separating the storm water through a new storm sewer installed in the alley. This new storm sewer will connect to the existing storm sewer in North 63rd Street.

The project consists of removing existing storm inlets located on the corner of North 64th Street, at the south end of the alley, and partway up the alley on the east. These existing connections to the sanitary sewer will be permanently sealed to prevent storm water infiltration. The inlets will be replaced and new storm sewer pipe will be installed which will run north to North 63rd Street where it will tie into the existing storm sewer. The alley will undergo a full reconstruction and will be finished with new asphalt.

In total, five storm inlets are to be removed and replaced, and 596 feet of new storm sewer will be installed.

Please be aware that this project will render roadways and alley temporarily impassable during the construction period and may cause detours.

Northern Interstate Construction was awarded the contract for this project and will be preforming the work.

Project Timeline Estimate: 

Project Start: July 22nd, 2019

Estimated Project Completion: August 23rd (weather dependent)

Project Contacts:

Construction Site Representative
Blake Johnson

City of Superior’s Project Representative
Carter Carpenter
715-394-0392 Ext. 1003

City of Superior Collection Systems Engineering & Operations Manager
Erin Abramson
715-394-0392 Ext. 1015