K-9 Program

SPD K-9 Unit

The Police Department has one canine team that is trained dual purpose in patrol work and narcotics detection. Officer Nicholas Eastman is teamed with his canine partner, Marik. K-9 Marik is used primarily for his exceptional scenting ability that allows him to locate narcotics or hidden criminal suspects that would otherwise go unnoticed by the human officer.

K-9 Marik is a black, short-haired German Shepherd imported from Slovakia.  K-9 Marik completed his first full year as a full service police dog in 2015. He is now three years old and fully grown. K-9 Marik is showing maturity as the canine unit spends numerous hours training. K-9 Marik is trained in tactical obedience, tracking, criminal apprehension, area/building searches, evidence searches, and handler protection. K-9 Marik is cross-trained as a narcotics detector dog. K-9 Marik is currently trained in detecting methamphetamine, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, mushrooms, marijuana, and ecstasy.

Officer Eastman and K-9 Marik received their patrol and narcotics training at the St. Paul Canine Training Center. The team is certified annually by the United States Police Canine Association as a Patrol Dog Team and Narcotics Detector Team.    

The K-9 Unit deployed on 104 calls for service in 2015. Drug detection was the primary duty. K-9 Marik is responsible for taking 323.57 grams of methamphetamine and 115.18 grams of marijuana/ THC off of the streets in Superior. The K-9 Unit was deployed on 60 drug searches, 14 tracks/ area searches, 8 building searches, 3 evidence searches, 6 alarms/ perimeter security, and 13 public demonstrations.  The K-9 Unit has been credited for 23 arrests where the dog has located narcotics, evidence, or flushed suspects from a hiding spot.

The K-9 Unit continues its close working relationship with neighboring agencies that are without a canine team. K-9 Marik was used 25 times during the year to assist other agencies.

The K-9 Unit would like to thank Amsoil for the Northland Canine Foundations continuous support, Dan’s Feed Bin for donating K-9 Marik’s dog food to the city, and Dr. Robert “Bob” McClellan at the Superior Animal Hospital for providing K-9 Marik with his veterinary services at no cost to the city. The K-9 Unit would also like to thank all the other businesses and residents that have financially helped make our program successful.