Lift Station 5 Project

Project Description
Lift Station 5 is a sanitary sewer structure that pumps sewage from a lower elevation to a higher elevation through a pipe called a forcemain. The forcemain associated with Lift Station 5 is in need of replacement to ensure it operates properly in the future; the line will be increased in diameter to allow for more flow capacity and relocated for ease of maintenance. The pipe will be installed by directional drilling.

Please be aware that construction may render alleys and streets impassable during the construction period and may cause detours.

No assessment will be charged to homeowners as the project will be funded by the City of Superior's Wastewater Utility Enterprise Fund.

Project Timeline Estimate:
Late June 2016: Construction Start 
July 2016: Boring Pit Excavation, Jack and Bore, Directional Drilling, Manhole Installation, and Road Restoration
August 2016: Connect to Existing Sewer and Forcemain Testing
End of August 2016: Substantial Completion

Contacts for this project:
Nick Williams
City of Superior Civil Engineering Technician
715-394-0392 Ext. 1009

Erin Abramson
City of Superior Collection Systems Engineering & Operations Manager
715-394-0392 Ext. 1015

Brandt Swedberg
Hanco Utilities, Inc.