Erosion Control Training

WinSLAMM Training

Join the City of Superior - Environmental Services Division of Public Works and software designers from PV & Associates for this 2-day WinSLAMM training.
When: Dec. 1-2, 2016 8am-5pm
Where: Government Center: 1316 N 14th St. Room 270, SuperiorWI 54880
How: Register here! **Registration closes on Monday Nov. 28th at noon.**
Cost: $550 due upon arrival, cash or check
A light breakfast and lunch will be provided both days.

This training will utilize local case studies, focusing on applications in clay soils typical of the region. 

WinSLAMM (Source Loading and Management Model for Windows) is the only Urban Stormwater Quality Model that evaluates runoff volume and pollution loading for each source area within each land use for each rainfall event.  It does not lump impervious areas together nor does it lump all the areas in a single land use together.  Evaluation at the source area level allows stormwater quality professionals the ability to target the highest loading areas and recommend improvements to reduce runoff volume and pollution loading from those areas.

This hands-on, computer-based course will demonstrate how the latest WinSLAMM software incorporates long-term local rain data along with soils, land use, source area, and other local watershed factors to quantify pollutant sources in complex urban watersheds. Learn how to use WinSLAMM to:

  • calculate pollutant loads and runoff volumes, the cost of stormwater control practices, and runoff volume impacts from porous pavement
  • analyze outlet options for wet detention ponds, street dirt washoff and catch basin cleaning, and whether biofilters meet regulatory requirements
  • estimate the effectiveness of filter strips, rain barrels and cisterns, hydrodynamic treatment devices, stormwater media filters, and grass swale drainage systems.

Who should attend?

  • Design engineers
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Regulators 
  • Reviewers 
  • Regional planning staff
  • City or county staff with stormwater management responsibilities

Learn more about WinSLAMM here.

Erosion Control Training

These trainings fulfill the new requirement for attending “Qualified Training” as part of the City of Superior stormwater permitting program. Learn more about Construction Site Pollution Control. 

All trainings will be held at the University of Wisconsin, Superior.

Join us on March 23-24, 2017 for a collaborative Erosion Control Training with NASECA!
Registration for the March 2017 training coming soon.

Thanks to all who made the 2016 event a success!

For more information contact Kristy DeVera, Water Resources Program Coordinator, at 715-394-1033. 
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2016 Erosion Control Trainings


: April 26, 2016: Erosion Control Training - Contractor

This event will include both “classroom” and “field” learning techniques. The morning will consist of speakers teaching about the inspection process, proper erosion control tool selection, implement the approved plan, installation, and maintenance. The afternoon will be demonstrations of proper installation and maintenance of the most commonly misused and inappropriately installed and maintained erosion control tools/practices. 
Topics to be covered at the Contractor Workshop include:
  • Ordinance review
  • Permitting process
    • When can construction begin
  • AOC update and impact of TSS on fish/aquatic habitat
  • Preconstruction Inspection process
  • Inspection milestones
  • Final Inspection requirements
  • *Coming in 2017* City of Superior Product Acceptability List – BMPs
  • Other DNR/agency speakers, product experts on BMP use/installation
  • On-site demonstrations of proper BMP installation


 March 31, 2016: Erosion Control Training - Consultant

Download a flier and schedule for the Consultant training.

This event consisted of classroom training, including expert instruction on the proper sequencing of a project, selection of erosion control tools, and maintenance for effectiveness and cost-savings.
Topics covered at the Consultant Workshop included:
  • Ordinance and Program review
  • Permit requirements
  • Permitting process
  • How to create a clear plan
    • LTSM and EC Plan items
    • Construction Sequencing
  • *Coming in 2017* City of Superior Product Acceptability List - BMPs

Report summarizes findings which guided scope of City trainings

The City of Superior worked with the University of Wisconsin Environmental Resources Center to conduct interviews and focus groups with local contractors, engineers, and plan designers which helped shape the content of City of Superior Erosion Control Trainings. Read their summary report