Superior Storm Drain Art 2014

Hurrah! The art has been completed at 6 storm drains. Congratulations and thank you to all 6 local artist!
Jeredt Runions,
Falyn McCotter,
Chelsey Miller,
Holly Bounting with Joshua Vig,
Colin James Wiita,
and Tom Rep.

Please see our Facebook page and blog for updates on this project.

An article was written in
the Superior Telegram on June 3, 2014

The project was funded by the Duluth Community Opportunity Fund of the Duluth-Superior Area Community Foundation. Thank you to Sherwin-Williams for donating paint.
Map/brochures are available at the Government Center, Superior Wastewater Treatment Plant, Superior Library, Visitor Bureau in the Bong Veteran Center, and other locations.
Storm Drain Art in other towns (Storm Drain mural art crawl) Art design for mancovers art for drain markers

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