Dates to Remember

Assessment Dates to Remember

January 1

Assessment Date - All property is assessed as it existed on this date.

January 31

Full payment of taxes due OR if paying in installments, due date of first tax installment payment. (Installment payment option is not available for personal property taxes.)

Note: City of Superior “real estate” taxes are collected by the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office (located on the first floor of the Courthouse). City of Superior “personal property” taxes are collected by the City of Superior Finance Department. (City offices are located on the second floor of the Government Center.)

March 1

Last day to file annual personal property returns. Property tax exemption requests are also due this date.


Assessment change notices are typically (but not always) mailed during the month of May. Open book hearings begin after the mailing of assessment change notices. The Board of Review begins at least 15 days after the mailing of notices. The Board of Review can meet anytime within the thirty-day period beginning with the second Monday in May.

July 31

Second real estate tax installment payment due date.


Final tax (mill rates) is determined.

Mid-Late December

Tax bills are prepared by the Finance Department and mailed to property owners.