Street Division

Responsibilities of the Street Division

The Street Division is located at the Municipal Service Building (MSB), or City garage, at 2301 Hill Avenue, and supervises the work and projects of:

  • Street Maintenance- Street and alley blacktopping and maintenance, pavement sweeping, snow removal, annual (spring) cleanup, and fall leaf pickup.
  • Buildings & Grounds- Repair/maintenance of the MSB and stationary equipment and City-owned bus shelters and small projects planning and construction.
  • Central Equipment Agency- Responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Public Works and City equipment including fleet vehicles.
  • Traffic Signals & Signs- Responsible for the maintenance and repair of traffic signals and signage throughout the City, pavement marking, construction traffic control, and barricading for City projects.
  • Solid Waste (trash) collection


Please note that we have reached our maximum alley petitions for 2020 paving.  All petitions received from this point on will be reviewed for the 2021 paving season.  

To report a pothole using our online form, click the link below: