Street Division

Responsibilities of the Street Division

The Street Division is located at the Municipal Service Building (MSB), or City garage, at 2301 Hill Avenue, and supervises the work and projects of:

  • Street Maintenance- Street and alley blacktopping and maintenance, pavement sweeping, snow removal, annual (spring) cleanup, and fall leaf pickup.
  • Buildings & Grounds- Repair/maintenance of the MSB and stationary equipment and City-owned bus shelters and small projects planning and construction.
  • Central Equipment Agency- Responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Public Works and City equipment including fleet vehicles.
  • Traffic Signals & Signs- Responsible for the maintenance and repair of traffic signals and signage throughout the City, pavement marking, construction traffic control, and barricading for City projects.
  • Solid Waste (trash) collection

Winter Road Maintenance Information

  • First Priority Snow Plowing Routes:
    • The main highways are the priority to keep clear throughout the duration of a winter storm event.
    • Main highways include US 2 & HWY 53 (E 2nd St.), US 2 (Belknap Street.) & Hwy 35 (Tower Avenue.)
  • Secondary Priority Snow Plowing Routes:
    • The secondary priority routes are laid out in a grid pattern with most residences no more than six blocks from a priority snow route. See the map of these routes for more detailed information.
  • Snow Emergency Route
    • In the case of a snow emergency is declared by the Director of Public Works or the Mayor (see Winter Snow and Ice Management Policy below for more info.) no person may park or allow to remain parked, any vehicle on any portion of the snow emergency route below:
    1. From the city limits along E 2nd Street north to 31st Ave East;
    2. 31st Ave East west to E 5th Street;
    3. East 5th Street north to 18th Avenue East;
    4. 18th Avenue East west to North 28th Street;
    5. North 28th Street west to Hammond Avenue; and
    6. Hammond Avenue north to North 5th Street. 
  • *NEW* Sidewalk Snow Removal Route

    The City has implemented a new Sidewalk Snow Removal Route that will begin this winter. This route will be cleared with City equipment if there is a snowfall of more than 2 inches. This new program is part of maintaining Safe-Routes-to-Schools and neighborhood connectivity. 

    • There will be a specific priority route that is cleared. This will coincide with the Safe-Routes-to-Schools. Click here to view the route.
    • Property owners will continue to be responsible for clearing the walk in front of their property or any sidewalk that is not part of the program.
    • Reminder: Property owners will be responsible to clear sidewalks for snowfalls less than 2 inches.
  • For more detailed information please read the City of Superior's Winter Snow and Ice Management Policy.
  • Additional winter driving tips and information can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's website.
  • Brochure on Wisconsin ATV Snow Removal Laws

Summer Road Maintenance Information

To report a pothole using our online form, click the link below: