Solid Waste Collection (Garbage & Recycling)

The solid waste collection (Garbage) is handled through the City of Superior Street Division. Any questions regarding garbage and recycling pickup, holiday changes, city codes or garbage cart issues can be directed to the street division. 

For billing inquiries, please call (715) 395-5833.

Recycling is handled through Hartel's Disposal who can be reached at (218) 729-5446.

Common Waste Related Topics

Please click on the menu title below for more information on the topics listed. 

  • Garbage and Recycling Pickup Schedules & Maps.
     Schedules for the weekly garbage pickup as well as maps showing the different routes can be found on  this page.  
     Schedules for the Bi-Weekly recycling pickup as well as maps showing the different routes can be found  here along with all of the contact information for Hartel's Disposal.
  • Holiday Pickup Schedules
     All of the garbage and recycling pickup changes in relation to the upcoming city holidays can be found on      this page.
  • Collection Fees.
    The regular collection fees for residential and commercial can be found on this page.
  • Garbage Cart Repair Form
    Use this form to let the city know about any repairs needed to a garbage cart, if additional carts are                   needed or if a cart needs to be replaced.
  • Form to for Changes to Garbage Service
    Use this form if new garbage service needs to be established, or if existing service needs to be                               discontinued.
  • City of Superior Code of Ordinances
     A complete list of the city codes regarding garbage and recycling can be found here.
  • City of Superior Landfill Information
     Please see this page for Landfill fees, acceptable and non-acceptable items, upcoming landfill events and      contact information.
  • Recycling, Hartel's Disposal 
    Recycling is handled through Hartel's Disposal. More information, including their contact information, can be found on the recycling page.

Important Things to Remember Regarding Garbage Pickup:

  • Click HERE to read the city ordinance regarding trash.
  • Containers must be placed at the curb or alley for pick up by 7:00am on collection day. Make sure the front of the can faces the alley or street and is away from any obstacles (vehicles, poles, fences, trees, wires, garages, other cans, etc.). The cart does need to be 3 feet from obstacles to be emptied.
  • Make sure the trash is in leak-proof bags. All animal waste/feces must be securely bagged.
  • Do not overfill or pack items in the carts and lids must be closed. They will not dump properly and could result in your trash not being dumped or trash on the ground.
  • Items that do not fit in the cans need to be disposed of at the City Landfill (More info on that here) or removed privately.
  • For repairs to your garbage cart please call 715-394-0244 or use the link above.
  • Repairs for recycling carts can be directed to Hartel's Disposal at 218-729-5446