Fluorescent Bulbs

In April 2002, the City of Superior Council passed an ordinance that banned the landfilling of compact and fluorescent bulbs. This ban applies to all Douglas County residents and commercial establishments.

In 2010, Wisconsin Act 44 established a ban on the sale and use of certain mercury-containing devices. The City of Superior Environmental Services Division Bulb Shed is a free fluorescent light bulb drop-off site. The Bulb Shed site is made possible with the Superior Refinery partnership.

In 2015, the City built a new shed for fluorescent light bulb recycling. Located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (51 E 1st Street).

Bulb Shed Information: Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

Here’s how the program works:

  • Program available to Douglas County residents and businesses
  • Take your used bulbs to WWTP
  • Please call the front office for assistance to open to the shed 
  • No broken bulbs they cannot be recycled
  • Place long bulbs (4’ - 8’) on shelves
  • Place odd-shaped and small bulbs in boxes below shelves

Campbell’s Lumber & Supply Co. is also a participating location. For more information visit: campbelllumber.com or call (715) 394-7221.

Bulbs that can be recycled:

  • Circular fluorescent tubes
  • U-bend fluorescent tube
  • Compact fluorescent bulb
  • HID lamps
  • Fluorescent tubes up to eight feet in length

Consider This:

 Fluorescent bulbs have a very small amount of mercury (Hg) in them, but over 6 billion bulbs are manufactured each year. The new "green bulbs" contain about 18 milligrams (mg) each. That mercury adds up!

6,000,000,000 light bulbs x 18 mg = 119 tons each year!

For more fluorescent light facts, visit: 

Energy Star Fluorescent Light Bulb Information 

Below are fluorescent bulb examples that can be dropped off at the Bulb Shed